16 Month Check In

Well, I had promised not only to myself but to quite a few others a “reveal” for May, with a planned photo shoot detailing the results of working out from December through May.  However I got sidetracked in April with some job responsibilities that derailed my plan for a bit.  I succumbed to a few diet issues, got off my track of what I was doing, and didn’t continue my pretty stringent routine of working out from 3-4 times a week.  As a result I put back on about 15-20 pounds of the weight that I’d lost, taking my number down from 130 lost to about 110-115.   I’m still proud of that number and am back to losing again.  I have no doubts that this weight will be gone by September, and plan once again on using the heat from summer to my advantage.  I still have a belly but my waist is 14 inches smaller than it was and I can breathe, and I’m still alive.  I’m not going to give up on a promise of the pic because I didn’t hit the goal I set.  I had one up for a few days & changed it to a flag shirt – if you caught it you caught it – there will be a better one 😉

From February of 2014 where I was 313 pounds, to now, here’s the reveal pic I will give, which I would have NEVER done before but will now because I am proud of what I’ve become, and although my target isn’t where I was aiming, for what I’ve accomplished in the amount of time I’ve accomplished it in, and what it’s done for my mind, I’m proud and no longer ashamed.  After seeing what a young man was brave enough to show on YouTube lately after a loss of 250 pounds as he was garnering support for skin-removal surgery, I feel that nothing is impossible to overcome in your mind.  So here I am as of June 8, 2015, at 203, 110 pounds off, and shooting for 175 again.  I feel confident that it’ll get there and it is less than 30 pounds away.


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