another site to start, but a new attitude

it’s crazy how many pages have been started along the way in my “internet life”.  I was actually online much earlier than many of my friends and even family.  I had gone back to a trade school at the age of 28 and was online in 1993 and got a home computer at the end of that year, quickly finding america online & prodigy, which I preferred over any of the other upstarts.  there I quickly found music interests first like the carpenters and sheena easton groups, where I am still in touch with a lot of the friends I met then.

the 20+ years are so very much a part of the recent events that have brought about great changes in my life that are about to be chronicled in word, film and song and I’m sure they will be referred to in several ways.  surely situations and people both.  it will certainly be interesting.  but as i set out on the organizational part of this massive project, i’m using a great laptop i recently purchased that contains most of the important parts of my current life and I’d be lost without it.  go figure.

no aim here is to hurt, it’s really to release hurt, mostly to me over the years but also to those i indirectly hurt with bad decisions and unfortunately lies – fortunately, the lies were long ago on my part and part of a person that no longer exists for me but it’s proof that a lie can hurt for along time, and damage that is done to a persons soul does not necessarily have a predetermined expiration date.  we work through these things through different paces and events and it is only recently that I have been able to grow through mine.  music and creativity are the only ways i know to release the energy that have come from those experiences.

the change in my life has been monumental.  what remains in the future is yet to be seen, but it’d be a crazy thing to say that I’m not excited now to see what it will be.

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