bootertunes is a new venture on an old idea.  it’s my record label and publishing company under one umbrella name. bootertunes, ltd.

bootertunes, ltd – official website

Information about the label and my artist page as well as links to my various online music efforts can be found there and hopefully other artists will be added there in coming months and years.

update: 7/13/2014

I had originally put out a call in May 2014 when “Worth The Wait” started really coming into formation for other artists to write for the project.  I quickly realized that was somewhat of an artistic mistake; not that I do not want collaboration; I do.  However for this project, with it covering the subjects that it does, and the representation of what it is to me and my life at this time, how could I possibly expect anyone else to write my songs except for me for this very personal project?   future collaborations are definitely going to happen, but “Worth The Wait” represents the successful living through a journey into hell and has to be written from the viewpoint of exactly that.



This is a new idea I’m working on that will involve a software developer and will hopefully bring a revolutionary idea to songwriters everywhere.  Stay tuned.  Very exciting stuff!


  • Some songs that come to mind in the last few days are “Welcome To The Boomtown” by David David, “Not The Doctor” (acoustic version) by Alanis Morrissette,, “Dear John” by Elton John, “Heart To Heart” by Kenny Loggins, “Wild Horses” by Gino Vanelli…..and there are more to come.

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