Kenny Kitchen 1.9.2017

The Switch Got Reset….

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I wish I could explain it… So I’m pretty much a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”, and all the interesting quips that support that idea.  You know, everything from “one door closes, another one opens” to “good things come to those who wait” and “if it’s not meant to be..”, etc., etc., […]

A new fight….

2017 Bipolar Disorder Everything / Everyday

I’m in a new “fight”…one I don’t like at all…but it’s one I’ve been battling for years in all actuality.  It just reared its ugly head again this past week.  I *think* I’m winning it but there are moments I doubt myself and therefore, doubt the position of victory. This fight is the depressive side […]

Don’t ever just “settle”…and other things…

2017 Everything / Everyday General

Don’t ever just “settle”…. but let me explain what I mean by that, because that statement is far reaching. I spent over an hour today with my cell phone provider (T-Mobile) – whom we’ve been with for 15 years – over a billing dispute that I discovered at the beginning of December 2016, after we […]

Publicity Still for "Worth The Wait", 2014 preproduction

wind touch

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I felt the breeze touch my bare skin in the early morning hours; an affirmation to my question to Spirit itself. the universe will reveal itself to you if you will let it but you must remove human indignation of rushing answers or expectations. for me, the touch of the wind is the acknowledgment that […]

Turning heartbreak into art….

2017 Acting/film/tv Everything / Everyday General Music Spirituality

Good morning love bugs…. So I feel this weird sense of ‘good-pathedness” today…. I didn’t even watch The Golden Globes last night, but of course, one couldn’t escape the postings of the quips from Meryl Streep’s speech from her Lifetime Achievement Award, which, by the way, I think she’s very deserving of.  It took me […]