Kenny Kitchen 1.9.2017

The Switch Got Reset….

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I wish I could explain it… So I’m pretty much a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”, and all the interesting quips that support that idea.  You know, everything from “one door closes, another one opens” to “good things come to those who wait” and “if it’s not meant to be..”, etc., etc., […]

A new fight….

2017 Bipolar Disorder Everything / Everyday

I’m in a new “fight”…one I don’t like at all…but it’s one I’ve been battling for years in all actuality.  It just reared its ugly head again this past week.  I *think* I’m winning it but there are moments I doubt myself and therefore, doubt the position of victory. This fight is the depressive side […]

“tone of voice” and a million other concerns….

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Good morning world… So it’s said that 90% of the world’s problems stem from tone of voice, and I’ve often thought that to be true.  However, caught up as I usually am in m own world, I often don’t realize that I contribute to the problem myself.  Stuck in my own “righteousness”, I sometimes hear […]

2015 arrives with so much “new” in tow!

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Well hello there New Life….. You’ve been teasing me for so long and even visited several times in 2014, warming up to me and letting me get to know you and then letting a few things slip back in so that I would truly learn the lessons I needed to, and I’m actually grateful.  The […]

A Little Research….and a BIG scream!

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Just a little bit of research makes me want to scream….please read on….it’s very long, but may have something in it you can use. For the last 6+ weeks, I’ve been talking about adding butter (from grassfed cows ONLY) to my coffee for the sole reason of increasing the Omega 6 to Omega 3 oils […]

Re-emerging Into The Light

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Ok something kinda magical just happened for me…. every week or so I get updates from the “” site telling me who has looked at my page, etc., and I think that’s cool little function. So I’m sitting here, trying to get some of these reports out of the way as I’m a little behind […]

These seem like new steps; I feel like a child..

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My last week has been very very strange.  I wish there was some way to record it as a video and just let it be seen because I just KNOW it would be understood then, because on a regular basis I do not think I can ever find appropriate words to express myself. The “healing” […]

The Bad Side of Bipolar, Part ?

Bipolar Disorder

how can i be so scared of something i know can not ever happen? half a century old almost and i’m sitting still, scared of a ghost it makes me wonder where all the healing, all the time, and all the joy found their places to hide so easily when I was just a boy….. […]