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So today was a day of realignment, awakening, reassigning and the like….some residual sadness, and the inevitable residual physical and mental/emotional strain and exhaustion.  I remember feeling like this every single day years ago.  I can’t believe I ever felt this way every single day.  No wonder I was ever suicidal.  No, I’m not now, […]

One of the many things about Austin that I just love…..

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I am kinda digging what I am writing on my own site here because I don’t have to worry that I’m being judged by the few that actually read my stuff, when I’m having an off moment and decide to write about it, that I’m being negative.  It ties into other issues, but that’s not […]

Mind gathering….

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I’ve started a new exercise, I think.  It’s called Mind Gathering, and it involves taking your head on a little trip, picking up the little pieces you feel you have dropped along the way.  It can be the day’s accidental slips, the last week’s errors, or even a lifetime’s mistakes.  In any case, it’s very […]

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If I can program this page right, then the items you see below will all be my latests posts and the best way to keep up with everything going on.  I’m trying to get used to using tags to appropriately populate my full site here, but it just takes time and continued content additions.  There […]