16 Month Check In

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Well, I had promised not only to myself but to quite a few others a “reveal” for May, with a planned photo shoot detailing the results of working out from December through May.  However I got sidetracked in April with some job responsibilities that derailed my plan for a bit.  I succumbed to a few […]

2015 arrives with so much “new” in tow!

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Well hello there New Life….. You’ve been teasing me for so long and even visited several times in 2014, warming up to me and letting me get to know you and then letting a few things slip back in so that I would truly learn the lessons I needed to, and I’m actually grateful.  The […]

A Little Research….and a BIG scream!

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Just a little bit of research makes me want to scream….please read on….it’s very long, but may have something in it you can use. For the last 6+ weeks, I’ve been talking about adding butter (from grassfed cows ONLY) to my coffee for the sole reason of increasing the Omega 6 to Omega 3 oils […]