Only words.


bald man hairy man loud man bipolar man gay man anything man white man   who cares?   I am only hurt by any of those words if I LET them hurt me. you can use them any way you want. The way in which you use them or interpret them says a lot more […]

Go on, go be a winner.

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So why do we like “winners”? Think about it… think back to the times in your life when you’ve observed someone winning something.. a sports event, a competition, anything, even a silly game show.  Some of the more challenging game shows like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, where the allure of high financial payouts […]

The Plight


The Plight of a Bipolar Man by Kenny Peters   One cannot understand, and as I get older I don’t think most cannot truly sympathize, at least accurately, what living with, but also managing, Bipolar Disorder really is.  Especially when it’s under control.  And my control on Bipolar Disorder has been in place for nearly […]

Been busy!


I’ve been so busy on other site updates and business that I realized I hadn’t updated the regular site lately!   As you might know, “No, Father” came out on 5/26/2015 and is getting great attention all over the place.  It was exclusive to iTunes, Google & Amazon for the first two weeks, and is […]

Where today is….my reality.


Tiny mental & physical break; malfunction in process of recording between final track & vocals and final track EQ & effect settings were wiped out, causing final remix to be done; I have a saved master wave file but it is a mixed down file and not the individual mixed and tweaked instruments of the […]


This day just blew. If there was something to go wrong, it did. Now, before you just click away, know I’m not complaining. I turn here when I have to just get it all out. I have for years; don’t see any reason to stop now because I get quite a bit of great feedback […]

Check out the remastered version of “Covered Up”

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I have now run all of the tracks recorded from 2008’s “Covered Up” through the mastering software and it has greatly improved what I had gotten in that project.  I’m still proud of it being a home studio project and it re-energizes me on my efforts for “Worth The Wait”.  I hope you’ll check out […]

Live Like You Were Dying – truly a take 2


I don’t know what happened there, but how appropriate this is a “take 2” in all respects.  I hope you’ll read & listen. And, “Happy Sunday” to you all 😉 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, both in recent days and for everything, EVERYTHING, over the last 10 years… I’d […]

2015 arrives with so much “new” in tow!

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Well hello there New Life….. You’ve been teasing me for so long and even visited several times in 2014, warming up to me and letting me get to know you and then letting a few things slip back in so that I would truly learn the lessons I needed to, and I’m actually grateful.  The […]

Very busy here!


I’ve been quite busy this weekend – not only getting a ton of housework done but getting phase 2 of Phoenix in line with the web development company up and running, pricing structures, the new photo company up, as well as moving all of my current domains over to a new hosting service, including Ed’s […]