Constant challenges…..

Life is a constant challenge.  I believe it’s supposed to be, although so many of us including myself complain about that very thing.  I know it definitely has been for many many times and I feel lucky that I’ve been able to survive the tougher challenges to remain here today.  I also hope that the experiences I’ve had serve to help those younger than me that I come into contact with and become friends with through the years.  I had a wonderful conversation in the early morning hours, after my karaoke gig last night with one such friend I’ve known a little over a year.  It’s always interesting to discuss others views on relationships, love, intimacy, dreams, aspirations…the things that make us friends and draw us together.  If we could stop viewing the things that present themselves in our lives as challenges but rather opportunities to grow, to use our intelligence and knowledge to figure out the best way to solve something, whatever issue it is, we might find it easier to deal with it while in the process.  I’m trying to implement this mentality into my present day thinking, using the “enlightened” feeling I’ve felt in recent months to guide me, but I have to say I am more aware of myself when I slip off that heightened pattern and fall into what I feel is a less-than-desirable persona.  I need to use my desire for my life as a guidepost; a marker in which to keep my aim, and try to keep that in my sights at all time, knocking away the things that try to blind me, whether they are self induced or thrown into my vision by others.  That, I think, is the real trick to truly “finding” yourself…..


Either way, I’m going  to strive to keep living as interesting of a life as I can – this ride gets better every day.

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