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Life has a wonderful way of showing you what you should be doing if you only listen to it.  Fortunately, I’ve gotten better at seeing the signs 😉  Just because something doesn’t work out for the immediate doesn’t mean that you have to abandon it altogether.  Often times, you are given tools to make something better.

I set out 2 years ago to complete work on an album of original material that had actually started brewing over 20 years ago.  I just didn’t have the songs fully formed yet.  Those songs are the stories of my own life, and what has led me to this point.  I definitely have a story to tell.  And now, I’ve decided to take things a bit further. I currently hold an Associates degree in Audio Production and have decided to finish that degree by finishing my education at The Art Institute of Austin.  My plan is to be able to not only complement the album with graphic design, some film work and audio production techniques that I’m currently unable to finish on my own – but will be with complete and CURRENT techniques and access to – but to also infuse the project with new and young interjection from enthusiastic and creative individuals that I will become involved with along the way, who are able to see my vision with me.  So while the project is slightly delayed, it will only improve in quality and finesse.

Work continues on “Worth The Wait” – “The Color of Light”  “Grace” & “Little Me”, with “Grace” debuting by May.

Continuing developing the ideas with “The Arena Conservatory” . – My Acting Coaching School – with limited class availability during school breaks, and making it an online repository of acting dossiers and writings that are of an invited nature.

Continuing with auditions that I carefully select due to my limited availability, as well as expanding my education with respected local coaches to improve my craft.

Looking into forming a live act as time allows and expanding my musical horizons.

Collecting and Finishing “Tails:  Wags from the Other Side” – a book about communications from passed-on pets for Heaven’s Leash

Another book is in the formation of a spiritual nature for hopeful publication by year-end.

I’m currently writing a horror novel, “Witchwood”, which expands a 30+ year old short story written in high school for a creative writing project.  Due out by the end of 2017.

Continuing with photography for headshots and video projects with my company Shot-Wheels

Continuing my business, which has been successful in 2016.  Check my profile out at this link.

Continuing my wedding officiating business “Minister Man”.

General continued development of improving the successful implementation of all of these services.







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