Exclusive Covers

Exclusive Covers

There are some covers that I have not been able to stream through my SoundCloud account due to not being able to obtain a Common Creative license for through them.  They are offered here solely as educational and review materials and no fees are being charged to use or critique them.  I have now included them in my current project with my education at The Art Institute and they will become part of a final project in the next 2 & 1/2 years as I finish out my degree in Audio Production.  To the best of my knowledge, these are the only places these recordings appear.  Titles without players underneath them will open to new pages.

Pretender (Remix & Remaster)

Please Remember Me (Remix & Remaster)


Eye In The Sky (Remix & Remaster

Don’t Know Why (Remix & Remaster)


What About Me (Remaster)

Sweet Dreams (Close Your Eyes) – (Remix & Remaster)

Memory (Remaster)

The Dance (Remix & Remaster)


Morningside (Remaster)


Love Is In Control (duet with Donna Summer) – (Remix & Remaster)

Heaven Knows (duet with Donna Summer) – (Remix & Remaster)

You (Remix & Remaster)









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