“The Move” from Facebook & such

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Hi everyone- I hope your 2017 is moving forward swimmingly – isn’t that a great word?  I love it, personally. Below is the video I made on 12/31/2016 detailing “why” I am taking more or less of a hiatus from my normal activities on Facebook, meaning the gratuitous daily postings that I’ve done for years, […]


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What?  Actually quoting a Bowie song?  Yeah. It references a great many things.  Where as years ago I’d turn to something easy as a Carpenters or something equally benign to “salvage an emotion”, this was much more appropriate as there have been many over the last several years, with some notable ones in the last […]

What scares you?

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Hmmm?  What is it that, if you were bound to tell the absolute truth, scares you most in life? That is an answer that should change as you grow on this journey.  What I mean is, things will scare you at 25 that don’t necessarily frighten you as much when you are around the 50-year […]

AT&T / Direct TV scam? debacle? or just LOUSY COMPANIES?!

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AT&T & DirectTV, you’re on notice. I’m SICK to death of companies like you that jack up prices out of nowhere and literally “trick” your customers into other products and/or services and then are COMPLETELY UNABLE to provide even the most basic customer service in return when there’s an issue. And on SOME days, like […]

Kenny Kitchen 1.9.2017

The Switch Got Reset….

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I wish I could explain it… So I’m pretty much a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”, and all the interesting quips that support that idea.  You know, everything from “one door closes, another one opens” to “good things come to those who wait” and “if it’s not meant to be..”, etc., etc., […]