Looking for information about getting married?

Of course, i love to see people committing to each other.   This service of performing the wedding ceremony is something I very much enjoy doing.

I am an Ordained Minister through both the American Marriage Ministries and the Universal Life Church Ministry.  I have been performing weddings since 2009.  I perform legally binding marriages for anyone who is licensed or commitment/union services for anyone wishing that ceremony.  I will travel just about anywhere within my home county and about 25-30 miles outside my immediate area,

My fee is less than you would expect and less than the normal expected honorarium given to a church minister.  I love being able to provide this service and meeting people in love all along the way.  Recently, I have expanded the idea into a wedding planning business-in-the-making with “Minister Man Services”.

You can also request a quote for your service through, although I actually have to pay to send you that quote vs. just sending it to you via my e-mail as listed below.  However, I do acknowledge they are an excellent service and I am a trusted member of their business model.

Wedding Ceremony via Thumbtack

contact me at kpetersmail @ for availability, or easier, just fill out the form below, but if you go through thumbtack, you are able to supply a lot of information and actually hire me.

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