Mind gathering….

I’ve started a new exercise, I think.  It’s called Mind Gathering, and it involves taking your head on a little trip, picking up the little pieces you feel you have dropped along the way.  It can be the day’s accidental slips, the last week’s errors, or even a lifetime’s mistakes.  In any case, it’s very important to get it all back in one place again.


Lots of thoughts running through my mind right now, and I’m once agian turning to music to take me away as I try to organize a letter to a friend.  I may or may not get to that tonight as I’m dog tired, and I know that’s ok.  Lots to do tomorrow too, but I’ll kick into gear and get it done.  I always do.  Anyway what I’ve turned to tonight is an old stand-by:  Kenny Loggin’s “The Unimaginable Life”….just simply fantastic.  I’m including the embed code for Spotify and the opening sequence of this amazing recording.  This is being read by Julia Loggins, Kenny’s wife at the time.  It’s beautiful:



I think it’s astounding….and exactly what I want to be saying right now.  I’d love to have it being said back to me….but sometimes I think my mind thinks in far too broad manners and not always on the same wavelength….and that is frustrating to me emotionally.  Regardless, enjoy.

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