Eye In The Sky (cover) – 2015 (2016 remix & master) – [studio/cover/demo only]

Kenny - candid shot

EYE IN THE SKY – Alan Parsons Project

written by Alan Parsons & Eric Woolfson

This is a great tune by Alan Parsons Project and released in 1982 originally.  I’ve always loved the song and am just putting up my cover here because I couldn’t post it on SoundCloud for Creative Content licensing.  I’m not selling it or anything; just using this for mixing practice on all the home recordings.  I worked a long time on this one and this is the 6th mix I did over the week and weekend, and I think it’s the final one for now.


Great tune that stands the test of time.  I had a cold when I recorded this which accounts for some of the scratchiness in my voice.  It was also one take due to time constraints, as is usually the case on these one-off’s.  This is another that I’d love to cover live with a band some day or remake from the ground up.


Anyway, here’s “Eye In The Sky”.

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