COMING 2016 😉


This project may be the death of me, but let’s hope it’s only the permanent death of delay and old ghosts.  The album was intended for September 2015 release but due to a variety of reasons both personal and professional that got pushed back to 2016.  It’s not a bad thing, and there’s already been some good things that have come from that decision.  Even with the delay of the full album, there’s also been excellent response to the first single, which successfully came out in May 2015.  It’s an amazing learning experience all the way through and as this is a completely home grown effort at this point, I’m very proud of what has been accomplished.  I’m in dire need of a producer.  The album does have a website and a gofundme page for donations to cover the costs associated with producing.  As it stands right now the album is a collection of very personal songs detailing my path till now, at 50, where it’s finally making sense,… but it’s been a hell of a ride.

The singles “No, Father” and the demo version of “It’s Alright” are both available on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon & GooglePlay.

www.worththewaitproject.com for more information.


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