Off in the distance

You see that light?  Off there in the distance, just barely out of reach?

Yeah, that’s it.  You see it.  Just look at it, and focus.

You must, you must do this.  And it is truly not that hard to do.  It is that glimmer of hope that resonates in you and always has for as far back as you can remember.

THAT is your dream.  THAT is your desire.  and you must believe in it at all times.

Each and every one of us deserves the opportunity to chase that dream, period.  There are no other qualifying factors to that statement.  It is our choices as humans as to whether or not we chase those dreams we have, no blame of opportunity can further be cast.  Obstacles vary in size and shape just as do dreams.  The harder the hurdle the higher the reward.

Get out and jump.

I feel I let my own light in the distance get further away for a while, clouded by unforeseen storms but I now realize even deeper that those too were part of the path I was already on and once believed in.  Do not get clouded by your own path – realize the stones and curves may be just as much part of the lesson as the path itself.

Jump, and jump high.  You will fall, stumble, get lost and even veer, but do. Not. Stop.

That light, if you believe enough, will still keep burning.



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