PRESS RELEASE 5.19.2015 – “The Voice – 3rd Time A Charm?”

For Immediate Release

Third Audition A Charm for “Star Spangled Slammer” at “The Voice?”

Local Singer makes trek to OKC for National Spot on television talent show and shot at dream, 120 pounds lighter.


Austin, TX / Oklahoma City, Ok, June 19, 2015:  Austin vocalist, singer/songwriter & actor Kenny Peters, makes his way to Oklahoma City on Friday for a Saturday audition for NBC’s “The Voice” – his 3rd audition for the show – in a stab at a recording contract and a show win.  However this time it’s backed by the range of good wishes from such diverse groups as the Austin area acting community to the Texas Roller Derby (TXRD) where he has proudly been the official National Anthem singer for the last 3 years – and dubbed “The Star Spangled Slammer”, a crowd favorite.  But he’ll be missing this week’s Derby game as he makes his way toward his dream.

Peters currently sits at #6 on the Reverbnation Local Austin Pop Charts, a pretty impressive feat considering his presence only began there at the end of May upon the release of the first single “No, Father”, from his upcoming album “Worth The Wait”.  The album is due in September and is a musical coming of age story for this singer, a native Texan and Austin resident.  The chart position is also high considering it’s there without the benefit of live performances or an existing band.

Having spent many years in theater and originating karaoke in Dallas in the early 90’s, moving to Austin brought new experiences and led him to turn to film and television acting, where he met veteran actor Terry Kiser in 2013 with The Actors Arena.  The two struck up a friendship and within 6 months, Kenny was managing the acting school which has seen triple student enrollment since opening in those two years and the school is now a local favorite actors educational resource.  Peters was recently onstage assisting Kiser with information at the’s “Sound & Cinema Event” kickoff for the 2015 season with their showing of “Weekend At Bernie’s” in which Kiser, who played Bernie, led the approximate 1,000+ crowd in “The Bernie Lean”.

When asked how the acting lessons have impacted the music career, Peters responds with a story many musicians understand.  “I approach many if not most songs like stories.  There’s a tale to be told.”  He says that he has also found the acting instruction has given him newfound growth as a musician and especially as a singer.  He is looking forward to continuing the writing process behind “Worth The Wait”.  ““No, Father” (about child abuse) was the tune I really thought would be the hardest to write and would probably be last – but surprisingly it came out first.”  The song is quite dark in detail but has been well received and is available online in all major outlets with a video shooting in July.   An earlier “test song” from the album – in demo form – “It’s Alright” topped the singles chart at #1 on in March of this year.

Add this experience to the loss of 120 pounds in 2014, and he feels it’s truly “time to push”.  The acting & the music have gone hand in hand along with the derby anthem appearances (his National Anthem performance is available on the Reverbnation profile).  It has all bolstered the drive to attempt again the audition for “The Voice”.  But it isn’t just that.  Peters had always intended on auditioning again, but had desired to wait until 2016 and after the current album project was completed.  His cousin, only 6 months his senior, loves the show and was recently diagnosed with a glioblastoma, a severe brain tumor that despite removal in the early part of the year, has returned quickly.  Her wish is to see his appearance on the show.  And that’s just what he wishes to give.  “The Voice” airs on NBC.



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