Ridding yourself of negative forces….

Happy Wednesday everyone!  One of the biggest steps anyone has to take when improving the quality of the life they live is ridding themselves of negative forces.  It’s definitely easier said than done as negative energy has a way of creeping in to many different areas of our lives, and it comes in many forms.  One of the hardest forms to identify are toxic people – people who pose as friends or even happy acquaintances but take the first opportunity to shoot you down or stab you in the back to further their own agendas.  The sneakier ones just hand the ammunition off to others or sharpen the blade, but you know the ones I’m talking about.  Trust your gut and your instincts.  It’s alright, too, if you have a hard time identifying those folks in your life, but it’s a very important tool to develop as one grows.  As that tool develops, it might hurt too because you might find you have to excise a few folks that you once thought belonged.  But ‘negative’ has a blackened aura and blackened isn’t a color in my personal rainbow….  This process I’m talking about is an ever growing thing; it should never stop developing as you find your own heights continuing to grow.

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