“The Move” from Facebook & such

Hi everyone-

I hope your 2017 is moving forward swimmingly – isn’t that a great word?  I love it, personally.

Below is the video I made on 12/31/2016 detailing “why” I am taking more or less of a hiatus from my normal activities on Facebook, meaning the gratuitous daily postings that I’ve done for years, multiple pics of the dogs, checking in to various places, which way the wind is blowing, yada yada yada…..but even more the reactionary place it puts me in my mind at times.  Totally my issue, for sure.  I read, a lot, but while many people handle “social media” as a wonderful thing, being somewhat of an empath I also absorb a heck of a lot of it – and you have to admit, the landscape of social media contains a hell of a lot of negativity.  Whether or not it’s just folks venting or others reacting to situations in their lives, it’s there… and not only does it affect me emotionally, but it can be an immense time waster as well.  And I have a lot to get accomplished before my time runs out.

The video covers that in the first third, with the second third detailing 6 logical steps of attacking an issue.  In this case, it’s reattacking weight loss, which I’m doing just like I did 2 years ago.  But the real message – MY message – starts about 10:45 into the video which is a total of 16:50 long.  So if you don’t wanna hear the other stuff, go ahead & skip forward to 10:45…I guess you could say that’s where “my soul” comes out, and the real message of the video.  Oh yeah, and there’s music all throughout the whole video.

For the time being, most of my communications are going to be here on my website, and I’d LOVE to have folks subscribe.  I’ll be installing a Buddy program on here to enhance communications directly so that we don’t have to rely on Facebook, etc., and I’ll just be using those tools AS tools to promote the album, and any film/tv projects, or if something important comes up.  By the way, I *did* land a lead role in a short on New Years day, so that’s a wonderful way to start 2017 off for my plan 😉

I sincerely hope the year is great for everyone.  Much love.


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