To live a life…

In the end….

To have a life, the only way to get a life or live a life is simply just to “live it”.  The good, the bad, the ugly, the really good, the really bad, and the really ugly.  Every nook and cranny in between.  The moments of boredom and frustration that stay for hours and are gone in seconds that you say you’ll never forget and that you cannot remember the next day.  They are the things that form who you become and who you became all at the same time and they simply “are” the things that will make up your life despite any mantra you adopt, statement you make, or resolve you think you’ve tied down.

I believe it is simply “the nature of our beast”; I say this as I enter this wildly new time and chapter of my life.  School was just the ignitor disguised as the big gift; what’s happened has been a crystalline discovery of self.

For so many years I spent both hiding behind the songs of others to either choose as shields or sheers of telling stories and glimmers of what I felt I had inside, and when I did get brave enough to try and write, it would be so rushed and clumsy that the results would be less than I wanted and lyrically relfected such. Moments would shine through but as a whole it did not capture perfectly.  It’s definitely improved over the years, and writing, while it still remains challenging, has eased too.

But the point is that when you hide behind others (literally, “covers”) in their words or actions you are not living LIFE; to be more exact, you are not living YOUR life.  And where I failed epically, when I would do covers, I was using tracks and the songs were never reinterpretations due to the lack of a different arrangement from the original artist; I get it.   That will be changing soon.

I also got a bit of a thrill this week in many major music ways.  I am in the process of prepping the album project in it’s current state for presentation at a Student Showcase, and needed material for people to hear.  I’ve got “It’s Alright”, “No, Father”, “The Color of Light (instrumental teaser)”, “Exit (demo)”, drum beat to “Little Me”, and now “Grace” to include in a small 4-5 minute mix..  SIX songs… and by the end of July, i actually may have more ready.   THIS IS GOING.

Two years ago when I started working on this project, I threw ALL my belief into what I was doing, and I *PROMISED* that what I was doing, my energy, my belief and my “self-trust”, guidance, etc. was what was RIGHT in the direction I needed to put toward the universe….and now, through just LIVING life…and believing…look at these opportunities that are coming from the ground up…from where it all starts….the way I wanted it to.

I could be possibly living in the most magical moments of my life.

Music is touching me in ways I’ve never experienced before.

The only way to have your life is to live it.




Those are the hashtags I started using 3 years ago.

Go, believe, live your life.

Love your life, and Be.




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