When you can’t say anything at all…..

For someone, like myself, who always has a lot to say, I have two situations in my present day that I must stay silent online out of respect for the individuals involved.  Two completely separate people and relationships that both have such different levels of pain and sadness attached to them that not only leave me feeling helpless but that I wish I could offer some kind of words of something to them….my heart is just wrenching from my chest for them, but they know who they are…for their situations are just hitting me so “close to the bone” as they say… yet …powerless.  All I can offer is love and a monologue I did tonight has a line in it that says “Love is too much and it’s not enough”.. I can only pray, wish the best energy towards the healing they need to weather these storms…and i hope anyone reading this will do the same… these people are positive forces in this life and deserve all your warmth.

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