Where today is….my reality.

Tiny mental & physical break; malfunction in process of recording between final track & vocals and final track EQ & effect settings were wiped out, causing final remix to be done; I have a saved master wave file but it is a mixed down file and not the individual mixed and tweaked instruments of the song.  So I’m gonna write ….

I’m in surroundings that are familiar but not my normal home (I’m not going to say where as to protect the anonymity of the person’s home I’m at) but it’s lush and peaceful and has definitely already shown to be beneficial to this process.  But my time here is very limited and I cannot waste a second of it.  It’s already gotten a little screwed up because there’s a major repair work having to be done at my house and I’m going to have to go back over there to oversee several days while I should be here writing.  But I’ll make it work out.

My brain activity is at a wild all time high in a wonderful creative way and the following came as a result of the last few days:


I wished on a star, a dream, many years ago

Found the only way to realize that star was to work and believe, and believe and work.

I look up today and see that Spirit listened to me; for I was real.

And now a whole universe is being guided my way

As every single day that once-imagined dream, just a twinkle of an idea

is now something I’m holding in my hands like a clay pot,

shaping, molding, fixing, correcting, adjusting,

but with the skills of a craftsman, not a hobbyist.

If I could breathe music, I would.

If I could figure out a way to survive on only what it gives me, I’d do it

and trust me, if I had the time, I would figure out a way.

So now that the star I’ve wished for as a kid

is a real opportunity for me to examine and consider with the choices I have in front of me

I MUST pay attention to it with everything I have

And if you know me, you know how important that truly is to me

And if you don’t want that for me, then know me you don’t.

The music has never given up on me, and I’m never going to give up on it.

Now, is my time.

Do you ever feel like you’re standing on the precipice of one of the most important moments of your life?

And then you have that moment when you realize that you’re actually DOING IT and you’re not scared!?

When you feel like the very air in front of you is as solid as the ground behind you and possibly even moreso

When you feel that completely the opposite of how you’ve ever lived in the past?

And regardless of what IS there, you feel you will still STILL walk to your destination…

I know my heart, I know my mind

I know where I’m heading

and I feel that, that moment is now.



Back to the mixing board.  Thanks for listening. And by the way, here’s a little view out my way.20150513_163149

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