“worth the wait” song progress / writing

so i’m writing the songs for “worth the wait” right now….and it’s turned into a fascinating process.  I’m doing it all by hand…one thing Terry Kiser and I discussed when talking about back story when I had first begun to know him was the writing out of your character’s back story, in acting.  Well, since these songs are all drawing from my experiences, I know the back story inside & out already; however, what I’m doing is I got a notebook especially for this project.  I put the “topic” of each song on a separate sheet.  The right hand side is where the lyrics will end up but the left side is what I’m using to scratch out ideas, phrases, lines, moods, etc. when I let myself think about “where” each of those topics takes me musically.  I’ve never written like this before.  In fact, any of the songs I’ve written before were done music first, then lyrics.


Lyrics have always been my stumbling block.  As verbose as I tend to be I think that’s ironic.  But sitting and letting myself write when it his me, actually write it down with pen and paper lets it flow from my mind, through my arm, to the paper, where I can now see it, and seeing it, hear it and start to form melodies, etc.   It will probably affect the way I write for the rest of my life.   i like it.  In the past, my lyric attempts were forced and often ended up “trite”, as happens to many writers.  I will just have to assure you, the lyrics I’m having come to me now are anything but trite.


This isn’t writing related, but vocally, I’m looking forward almost more than anything to singing songs that are unique, original to me, and not an interpretation of someone else’s “hit”.   Having been a cover artist for my whole professional life, with few opportunities to perform and perfect original material, thinking of the first day I have a completed demo of something from WTW to start wrapping myself around vocally, considering the words are truly from my soul, is quite exciting.


I really believe in this collection, this project.  I can’t recall anything I’ve done musically ever that I’ve had this kind of giddiness about but at the same time, assuredness that this is absolutely a correct direction.

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