“Worth The Wait” takes more shape….

I’m applying a technique used in acting that I learned a year ago when I first started studying with Terry at The Actors Arena.  It involves something called “backstory”.  Every character should have a backstory that is written by the actor….it helps them get into the character’s reasons, decisions, actions….what SHOULD guide the acting.


Well, this project definitely has that in DROVES.


So one of the tricks to making a real backstory effective on the acting side is to write out – by hand – the characters background.  Typing it out doesn’t really count – you’re not putting the same information through, not having the words flow through your arms…..becoming part of you.


This story, the content of “Worth The Wait” is deserved of such attention.  The lines to the songs that have been forming have been among the best I feel I’ve ever written.  I’m trying to form them all together to really say what my heart and mind have said in the past and what they are saying now.  So I bought a notebook today a simple spiral notebook like I would have bought in school and it is to be used for nothing other than that.  ‘


And now I’m really excited!

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