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i have definitely found that I truly love to write.  Not just music; in fact I haven’t WRITTEN much new until I started hunkering down on “Worth The Wait” in its format now that the music writing has been attended to.  That’s another story altogether.  However, in the past few years as my mind has been being sorted and has been sorted and is still sorting, writing has been a great outlet.  i don’t have the best of filters at time, and I don’t pretend to.  I have gotten “better” but I really don’t know whose standard I’m expected to hold up to so I’ll just keep doing my thing.  I don’t ever intentionally mean to HURT anyone but have realized as I’ve aged that sometimes that is an inevitable outcome to some situations.


Anyway I do have a few book ideas on top of the three concept albums as well as a storyline for what I think could be a very funny and successful movie.  There just simply isn’t enough time in the day to get it all out.  At least by having this, some sort of documentation that the idea is there,  it’s an easy place for me to come back to and be re-inspired.



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