You Will Laugh Again…

Publicity still for Worth The Wait, 2014, preproduction

You Will Laugh Again

by Kenny Peters

You will look down one day
when your skin is still fresh and unlined
when you've glanced in the mirror and the eyes still have a glisten
a sparkle that catches a glance
and a smile that's swept someone's feet off the ground
and all the world's a whirlwind of excitement and shine
and that fast moving rug that is running faster than you
suddenly gets yanked the opposite way...
and your silly surefootedness goes jacktumbling the other....
hysterically sidewinding into uncharted oblivion...
Unpublished roadmaps owned by everyone else dangle like fruitcups for the children
and all you need is an apple 
or a spoon...
you may have no choice but to sit on the highway of darkness
and cry.
and if you do, 
that's okay.
because eventually.
You Will Laugh Again.

You will look down one day
When you find that tiny lines on your hands
suddenly remind you momentarily of your mother
or your father, and the thing that starts off as a laugh
quickly trails off as you see
that memory set into slow motion in your mind
and you are instantly thrown back into childhood..
Sound replayed at 16 rpm and you rapidly realize
what knowing that fact means in relation to your own existence..
that sound also accompanies the crease that has formed
either on your brow from time...
your expression...or just the day...
but you realize that it's just a part of you now..
a part put there by the day...or by those tiny lines of time?
and at the same moment you think 
about the few or is it many that have left along the way?
and just how long has that been now?
and you will sit there for a silent moment
with all the noise around you.
loudly quiet in that silence.
and if you cry,
that's okay...
because another day,
You Will Laugh Again

You will look down one day 
and see remnants of a life gone by...
Books, pictures, handheld things that you can no longer focus on..
you won't even see the coarseness of the roughened hands 
that hold these pages or bend those corners
or perhaps fingers and hands with skin of tissue it seems,
but others know as only examples of love and lessons of life.
It won't matter to you that the focus isn't there 
because in the reality of things, 
the focus never was on that sharpened image.
or those printed words or that shiny object.
the imprint on the soul is the real picture you hold
the moments of love and life that are indescribable....
yet we yearn to share them and express them 
with anyone who'll bend an ear
because our hearts want to repaint that picture again,
tell that tale to another,
or experience that thrill one more time.
because those were things that got touched
those were the things that drew us
those were the things that created the smile,
And if they made you cry,
that was ok,
because you knew eventually,
that You Will Laugh Again.



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