welcome to “kenny peters online”

this is the “home” page…

lots of minor page changes going on, but so is life so howdy to life.


the page still houses links to music, film/tv & writing endeavors but I’m also morphing it into a lot more.

I had intended to take a 6 month break from directly posting to social media, but that hasn’t gone so well and I’ve been just as active on there as I always have been.  I still intend on doing that and now have even more reason as I’m enrolled back in college full time and should be paying attention to my studies.

I’d be greatly honored if you’d Subscribe.

Those coming here who know me in real life may find some surprises and those coming here to find out more after a performance or viewing, or hearing me may find out a lot!  I will tell you it’ll all be honest – as the need and desire for honesty have been the thing that pushes my never stopping mind to more battles than anything else in my life.  Even if those battles remain only within myself.  I see my faults probably more clearly than anyone thinks I do and they drive me crazy when I can’t correct or reel them in – so I search for answers in writing, music, acting, creativity, and learning.

The Virgo in me tends to overload, overbalance, teeter, start to fail, panic, re-plan and start the cycle over again, looking for any method to correct yesterday’s mistake.   It is that cycle that will either perfect me or drive me completely insane.

Feel more than free to peruse the menu and snoop around – I’d love to hear from you.




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