So, in 2008 I recorded an album at home of covers as part of a “recuperation” from some illnesses that had come up.  Music, once again, “saved me” as this project was very personal to me.

Fast forward to 2015 and the introduction of mastering software and now, the entire project has been finally mastered beyond just “final mix” stage, and is presented here with only “Live Like You Were Dying” being a re-recorded vocal.    I hope you enjoy; this “project” saved me from some very dark times.


**This is the cover material only *


Originally entitled “Invocation” and done by Carpenters, this 1 minute acapella tune was eventually one of my most proud achievements;   At the “crux” of the song there are 16 layers of voice, all me, and all done to the closest to the original arrangement as I could possibly get.


This was just fun to do.  I was not an N’Sync fan nor a Justin Timberlake fan, and didn’t know the song when it first came out, but it sure seemed like a fun way to open this collection and it was fun to move to.  Background vocals were a lot of fun to play with.  At the time it was my best home recording using tracks.


Amy Grant is a fantastic songwriter and that is largely unknown to many people, just as many people view her as a Contemporary Christian singer only.  She is much more than that, and this song uses her original backing track but my vocals.  A beautiful tune – you decide what it’s about.



This is, in my opinion, the best song by Five For Fighting.  I just think the message is beautiful and I hope you do too.  It’s the song I seem to most identify with and not for the reason that everyone seems to think; or at least, my perception of what others think.  The idea of “Superman” and it being so hard to be “so much” to even one person, let alone many, and how hard that could be to someone considered with such regard as Superman would be….to take that feeling into a personal level, and my admiration for Superman both as a character and as an ideal…..make this a great song for me in many ways.


I loved this the first time I heard it.  It is The Calling’s “Where Ever You Will Go” whih had been used in the trailers for the new Star Trek: Enterprise series as far back as 2000, I believe, before they wrote a theme song for the show.  Regardless of that connection, it still seemed to be a perfect song for me,


This was the first exposure to John Maher that I had and I loved it immediately when I heard it on the radio the first time.  Catchy pop, but with a good dose of some intelligence.  I was very happy to include a recording of it here and to actually get to work on it, although now I would go back and re-record some things if time permitted, and would also speed the tempo up by about 2%.  Other than that, it’s still a fun song.


I am usually compared to George MIchael first, and I don’t mind that because I think he has a phenomenal voice and I was “finding myself” during his heyday so it makes a lot of sense, although my musical roots go way back to before he was even a blip on the map.  I think this is a great song, and a wonderful throwback to an era gone by.  I added a Victrola-esqe echo to the song, 1/2 a measure behind, giving it a little duet from the past…..


Just a great tune, a great message, and the only song for “Covered Up” that appears here with a re-recorded vocal, done in February 2015, and remastered here in April 2015.  The original version had a vocal from when I had just learned the song, in 2008, and did not do justice or respect to the song as it deserves.  However the Carpenter-esque opening is from the original version I recorded.I hope you enjoy and LIVE the message of this song.



Seems to be a true favorite and is the most requested song out of my recorded library.  Remastered here for the first time.


I only became a fan of this song in later years, but this is the old Baby’s song featuring John Waite originally on vocals; here’s my take.  The tune was never offered on the original CD or any versions afterward.  Remastered here for the first time.

from "The Superman Sessions"

from “The Superman Sessions”





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  1. kennyone April 11, 2015 6:14 am

    Going back and listening to this fully mastered project from such a while ago, and knowing where I personally was at the time emotionally, physically, and where I’ve come to, what I’m doing now….I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish and I am so energized about my future again….. I do love these songs.

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